BBN Champion Scheme

Details on new training dates will be advertised here.

What is a BBN Champion?

The role of the BBN Champion in your premises is to

  • Take a more active role in the preparation of the BBN assessment (or even take responsibility for it)
  • Promote good practice
  • Promote your BBN status to your staff, but more importantly your customers

The FREE training is open to both Accredited and non-accredited premises.

The training covers:

  • Core Licensing Objectives and BBN assessment
  • Understanding the BBN essential criteria
  • Section A Prevention of Crime & Disorder
  • Section B Public Safety
  • Section C Prevention of Public Noise
  • Section D Protection of Children from Harm
  • Section E Staff training
  • Bonus and desirable points
  • The BBN assessment – what are assessors looking for?

This is a GREAT personal development opportunity for your staff, upon completion the learner will receive a BBN certificate.

If you are already BBN accredited and want to send a member of your team on the training OR you are new to BBN and want your premises to take part then either email, or call 0114 2736851 and ask for Sarah Jackson