BBN Champion Scheme

Details on new training dates will be advertised here.

What is a BBN Champion?

The role of the BBN Champion in your premises is to

  • Take a more active role in the preparation of the BBN assessment (or even take responsibility for it)
  • Promote good practice
  • Promote your BBN status to your staff, but more importantly your customers

The FREE training is open to both Accredited and non-accredited premises.

The training covers:

  • Core Licensing Objectives and BBN assessment
  • Understanding the BBN essential criteria
  • Section A Prevention of Crime & Disorder
  • Section B Public Safety
  • Section C Prevention of Public Noise
  • Section D Protection of Children from Harm
  • Section E Staff training
  • Bonus and desirable points
  • The BBN assessment – what are assessors looking for?

This is a GREAT personal development opportunity for your staff, upon completion the learner will receive a BBN certificate.

If you are already BBN accredited and want to send a member of your team on the training OR you are new to BBN and want your premises to take part then either email [email protected], or call 0114 2736851 and ask for Sarah Jackson